General George S. Patton was once asked if he would consider falling back and waiting in order to move forward. He told them that this was unacceptable to him because he just hated paying for the same real estate twice.

It’s often that way with nonprofits when they are leaderless. The initial impulse is for the board to fall back and regroup before moving forward. Unfortunately, in the nonprofit world if you aren’t moving forward you’re probably moving backwards as the competition for donors, programs, employees and volunteers are all moving forward while you’re standing still.

One of the things that our interim Executive Director makes sure happens in your nonprofit is that we continue to move you forward. We study your strategic plan, your action plans, your donor philosophy and your current practices to make sure that you continue to move forward during this period of transition.

By doing this it allows your new CEO or Executive Director to step into a situation that is not falling back, is not losing ground, and doesn’t have to start over.

Don’t pay for the same success twice; you can’t afford it.